Catering Cleaning Products in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Manchester, Yorkshire, UK
Catering Cleaning Products

Kitchen Cleaning Products in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Manchester, Yorkshire & the UK

R & D Products manufacture a wide range of cleaning products that are specifically aimed at the catering industry.

Based in Cleckheaton, we're right in the heart of Yorkshire, perfectly located to supply cleaning products throughout Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Huddersfield and throughout Yorkshire.

At R & D Products we manufacture a range of Washing-up Liquids, varying from economy through to extra concentrated. These products provide a range that gives our customers great value for money whilst still working effectively. We also provide a Bactericidal Washing-up Liquid which effectively kills germs, perfect for use in and around the kitchen and hardworking catering kitchens.

For cleaning ovens and griddles, our Oven Gel and Carbon Cleaner contain powerful cleaning agents which remove stubborn grease and carbon deposits. To remove grease and fatty deposits within the kitchen area, our Heavy Duty Degreaser provides a fast and effective solution. In addition to this, our Caustic Soda Liquor and Caustic Soda Pearl are great for serious heavy duty degreasing and for cleaning grease traps. Our Stainless Steel Cleaner and Stainless Steel Polish are great products for revitalising stainless surfaces in industrial kitchens, catering kitchens and other applications.

Areas that are used for food preparation need to be cleaned thoroughly and our Antibac surface sanitiser effectively neutralises bacteria allowing for safe food use.

Our industrial Dishwasher Detergents effectively remove dirt and stains restoring dishes to their previous clean state. We also provide Dish Wash Tablets, great for home use. To aid the process of cleaning dishes and cutlery, our cabinet Rinse Aid aids drying and helps keep items shining and streak free. For dishwashers and tea boilers, lime scale can become a major problem. However, our Dishwasher and Tea Boiler Descalers contain acid to erode the lime scale, maintaining the efficient operation of your appliance.

Bar supplies make up a core area of our products.

We are proud of the high quality chemicals we manufacture. We manufacturing two Beer Line Cleaners, both Coloured and Clear. These clean and sterilise the lines without tainting the beer.

For spirits, our Optic Cleaner keeps the optics clean and sterilised without effecting the taste or appearance of the alcohol.

Over time glasses can get a build-up of ‘rinse aid film’, for cleaning glasses, our Replenish powder refurbishes glasses by removing this film, helping glasses keep a continuous shine and increasing their serviceable life. Our industrial Glasswasher Detergent removes dirt and stains, bringing the glass back a crystal clean finish.

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