Automotive Cleaning Products and Cleaning Chemicals in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Manchester, Yorkshire, UK
Automotive Cleaning Products

Automotive Cleaning Products and Cleaning Chemicals in Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Manchester, Yorkshire & the UK

At R & D Products, we manufacture the full range of car cleaning and valeting products, from pre cleaners, engine and chassis cleaners, traffic film removers, car shampoos, waxing agents, alloy wheel cleaners, windscreen cleaners, interior car cleaners & screen wash.

Based in Cleckheaton, we're right in the heart of Yorkshire, perfectly located to supply to customers in Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Huddersfield and throughout Yorkshire.

Our Traffic Film Removers are available in both caustic and non-caustic versions, suitable for cleaning and degreasing in a wide variety of applications, from road going vehicles to heavy plant machinery, and are highly concentrated for economical use.

Our Wash and Wax is a pH neutral vehicle shampoo that cleans whilst leaving a lasting shine to the paintwork. Hi-Foam Shampoo is also pH neutral and is designed for use through a foaming lance to provide a blanket of dense foam over the vehicle. Wax Rinse is for use in the final rinse, spreading a fine layer over the vehicle encouraging standing water to bead up and run off. It also leaves a lasting coating on the vehicle that discourages water build up and leaves a perfect shine finish.

We also produce a number of complimentary products.

Our Alloy Wheel Cleaner is an acidic based cleaner which removes brake dust and general dirt from lacquered wheels. Tyre Shine is available in both solvent and water based forms and both contain high quality silicon oil that leaves an enduring shine on the tyre wall.

R & D's Zap Engine Degreaser is a solvent based product designed specifically for the removal of oil and grease from engine parts and components. It emulsifies the oil and grease, allowing it to be simply washed away. It is also extremely effective at removing oil and grease from other surfaces including garage floors, driveways etc.

For the removal of tar spots and adhesive residue from paintwork, our Tar and Glue Remover provides an easy solution.
Dead insects can be difficult to clean away even after washing your vehicle, our Bug Remover allows you to wipe away the mess without affecting the paintwork.

We also manufacture a wide range of high quality products for use in the interior of vehicles.

Our Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner makes short work of stubborn dirt and grime spots on cloth interiors. It can also be used through an extraction machine. Complimenting this, our Breeze fabric deodoriser neutralises bad odours and replaces them with a fresh scent. To remove dried on and engrained dirt from plastic trim and dashboards, we manufacture Commando, a highly concentrated hard surface cleaner.

Bring your dashboard back to life with either of our liquid or aerosol Dashboard Renovators, or simply give it a ‘new look’ shine with our perfumed Trim Shine.

Our streak free Window Cleaner removes dirt and grime from all glass surfaces. To keep your windscreen clear, our Screen Wash is concentrated for winter and summer use and works effectively in all weather conditions.

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We welcome enquiries from Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Manchester, throughout Yorkshire and the UK. For more information on our full range of car cleaning, valeting products, please call us on 01274 851 516, Email us at or fill out our online Enquiry Form.

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